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Hanging Bowl Planters

Hanging bowls in these sizes are hard to find. These planters come with three chains and hooks to hang the bowl wherever you please. These work great on a porch or patio allowing you to create a beautiful privacy screen.

  • Recommended for interior and exterior use — regardless of climate
  • Planters won’t fade, chip, crack, warp, or break
  • Available in 54 standard colors, with custom color matches available on request
  • Manufactured using high quality polyethylene
  • Lightweight materials keep shipping cost to a minimum
  • Saucers and Sub Irrigation Units available to fit most sizes — sold separately
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Measurements and colors may vary slightly

U.S. Measurements

Item No. O.D.
HB-12 12 1/2"
HB-16 15 1/2"
HB-20 19 1/2"
HB-24 23 1/2"
HB-28 27 1/2"